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Art, Culture and Sights

A region full of traditions and history

The region of southern Carinthia is not only famous for its beautiful landscape and nature - but also for many cultural activities. Music, choirs and painting are only few examples for the rich cultural heritage of Carinthia.

Archaeological Museum of Pilgrims

The new Archaeological Museum of Pilgrims Hemmaberg - Juenna opens a gate to the historical past of Globasnitz and shows excavations at the Hemmaberg..

Werner Berg Galerie

Werner Berg was one of the most important artists of the 20th century in Austria. The pictures, whose starting point was the German Expressionism, provide insight into the soul of the people living in southern Carinthia's landscape.

Museum Liaunig

The Museum with its impressive architecture includes contemporary art.

Abbey St. Paul

One of the most comprehensive art collections in Europe gives right to the predicate "Treasure-house of Carinthia" the Benedictine Abbey. Most important monastic book collection in Austria with the oldest book in Austria from the 5th century, and the first printing from Gutenberg around 1450.

Bird park Turnersee

Marvel at the diverse species of birds in the Turnersee Bird Park in St. Primus. It is unique to the collection of parakeets, parrots, Amazons, macaws, Kakadus, Loris, as well as birds of prey, waterfowl, hornbills, pheasants and many more.

Dripstone cave Obir

It is the colourful and largest dripstone Cave of Austria. A unique natural spectacle - thunder and voices accompany the path into the interior of the mountain.

Wildensteiner waterfall

The Wildensteiner waterfall at the foot of the Hochobir is the highest free-flowing waterfall in Europe.

Forest adventure world

The family destination "Walderlebniswelt" on 20.000 m² offers nature-oriented leisure activities for children and parents. A treetop path, an interactive nature experience and learning path, a walk-in foxhole, a climbing forest, as well as slides, swings, a Petting Zoo..

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